Our main cooperation partners are:

Heart and Brain - Department of Cardiology

Cooperation Partner

For years we have an intense cooperation with the Dept. of cardiology to illuminate the Heart and Brain junction. Recently two IITs dealing with AF and Stroke risk (FIND-AF and FIND-AF randomized) were successfully finalized (Stroke 2010, Lancet Neurol 2017).

Current projects address imaging techniques to examine the heart/brain interaction, as well as echocardiographic analysis of intracardial flow patterns.


Cooperation Partner

This cooperation traditionally is very tight. For years we use this interface to answer scientific questions regarding endovascular therapies. Our primary goal is to reduce treatment times of stroke patients. Recently we were able to establish the so called “One-Stop” treatment of stroke patients, allowing us to reduce in house times dramatically placing the UMG today in leading “treatment time ranking” world wide.

MPI for biophysical chemistry (Group Prof. Frahm), MRI Research Unit (Dr. Dechent), Institute for Cognitive Neurology (Prof. Wilke)

Cooperation Partner

In these cooperations we establish new MR techniques in different diseases.

Current projects involve:

  • MR based quantification for spinal cord compression

  • MR and cognition testing in stroke patients

  • MR based mapping in patients with neurodegenerative diseases

  • MR Based real time CSF flow measurements

Current multicenter trials we are participating in:

Cooperation Partner
  • ATTICUS (Apixaban vs. ASS in ESUS)

  • Prodast (register for oral anticoagulantion)

  • German Stroke Registry (GSR) (registry for thrombectomy)

  • ANNEXA-4 (Antidot for bleeding in Factor Xa inhibition)

  • PRAISE (Troponin elevation in stroke)

  • ANNEXA-I (starting in autumn 2019)